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In recognition of some unique needs of devotees between the ages of 18 and 40, a Sathya Sai Young Adult (SYA) Program has been authorised. Young Adult programs are being established to encourage young adults to lead purposeful lives by learning and practicing spiritual values as defined and established by the life, message, and works of Sathya Sai Baba. 

Young Adult programs are intended to enhance, not interfere with, harmony and understanding in family relationships and within the Sai Organization. The programs provide forums for Young Adults of like mind to meet and to discuss issues in leading spiritual lives in today's world.



Weekly young adult meetings (usually one hour),  serve as a platform for youth to express themselves and share their views on practical ways of putting Sai Literature into practice in their daily lives. The group atmosphere serves as a motivation and inspiration for one other. It also serves as a focal point for youth to meet, develop self confidence & build unity among one another. The regular meetings serve as a focal point to intensify ones faith in God.    


Young adults are encouraged to take leadership roles & support Sai centres. These may revolve around supporting the various wings of Sai Centres e.g. devotional wing, selfless service to the needy and educare.


Listed below are a list of activities that the young adults have been involved in.


  • “i Plan ” – a programme designed to help youth device & conduct youth sessions. 

  • Leadership Workshop

  • Community  Adoption Project 

  • B.U.S. (Bhajans Unlimited for Sai) 

  • Swami’s Treasure Box 

  • National Youth Conference 

  • Sports Day 

  • Youth Suicide Mentoring Program 

  • Fiji Medical Camp 

  • Communication workshop

  • Sai Youth Auckland Day Out 

  • Video Project 

  • Likhita Japam 

  • Tree planting projects 

  • Blood Donation 

  • Hospital & Rest Home Singing