Join the Game

So you reckon you're ready for the conquest? Well, there are a couple of rules that you have to be aware of before you can start.

Rule number 1: We are not going to be awarding points for any activities that are logged more than a week after they have been completed. That is if you have done an activity on the 6th of June, and you only log it in on the 14th of June, these activities will not be added to your team's overall score. This is to hold you and the other competitors accountable.

Rule number 2: Please do NOT double up on points, this is only going to frustrate the admin team, and most likely will result in you not getting any of these points. This means that if you have eaten vegan the whole day one day, do not say that you have also had a plant-based meal/have eaten vegetarian for the whole day, as this is redundant. Also, if you have done an hour long work-out one day, please do not also mark done a 10-minute stretch or a 30-minute/40-minute workout, unless these were 2 separate workouts that you did in 1 day.  This goes for many other activities these are only examples!