How to play

Are you ready for your own ultimate conquest?


Form your team of 4 or 5 spiritual seeks from across New Sailand. If you are unable to sort out any other team members either email us or state so in the "Join the Game" page. Your team can be the same as what you had in round one or be different.


Have each of your team members join the game using the same team name. If you have not decided on a name yet, have one member of the team email us, the names of all the team members stating that you have not decided on a name yet and put "undecided" in the team name area when joining the game. Also email us with your team name once you have decided.


Wait for the game to officially begin on Avatar Declaration Day (i.e. 20th October) and start planning what activities you would like to log. A list of some of the activities can be found on the "Resources" page.


Go to the "Play MDC" Page once the game has officially begun at the end of each and every day, and log in only the activities that you have performed that day.